April 8, 2008

And so on...

So here we are with the 4th in the series (the third is being cleaned up for posting later). I really like how she came out...from the feet up. I have to admit I kinda glossed over that section as I was starting to nitpick at everything. When I do this things don't get finished. So in order to keep myself on schedule I decided that I will plow on and not try and be so perfect by worrying about every little detail that comes up that I don't particularly like. I guess I'm sort of a perfectionist and didn't realize it. I'm done with that. That way of looking at my art sucks. Plus I get done faster when I'm not so concerned with-that-little-jagged-edge-on-the-cloak at-the-far-corner that-blends-in-with-the -background-only-someone-zoomed-in-could-see (and only if it was pointed out).

So here is a piece I am happy with and turned out nicely. I hope ya'll enjoy!

March 27, 2008


This is the finished 'Khorell'. The second in a series of nine. I like how this one came out. The only issues I had with the whole project was my ability to portray that his armor and boots were magical smoke. I don't know if I succeeded. From the looks and questions I get from most people I see that I was sort of if not out right failing managed to kinda maybe at least made it look cool. 0__O
Okay so it's Armor of Shadows and Boots of Shadows. Supposed to let you hide in shadows and the like without being seen, blah. I'm a big RPG fan and we play DnD (or at least did...I haven't played since last May.)

I like him though. I was happy with the results. Better than the first (sorry Veldar ol buddy, you go back to the chopping block).

Enjoy. (Or if for some reason you don't, at least be kind enough to let me know your opinion, PUH-leeeze keep it constructive! :) )

March 26, 2008

The First of Many

Ahh the first post! Now that I have a blog the question is of course what do I write about? Well I think maybe I'll just keep it simple for now and just give descriptions of my artwork that I post.

The first post of course must go to my life long character Veldar. He's been around for a long long time and undergone many incarnations. But he challenges me to grow and to not grow stagnant. As my art form has matured so has his look. He changes from time to time because I feel like it.

One of the Nine High Elves (www.the-nine-high-elves.com) (my own creation...has a story and everything which I'll not post here). I did this with the idea in mind of drawing the rest of the Nine and framing them. So far I've managed to fully complete 4 and I have framed 2 of them. Kai has the second one I have the first. Steve you're next !!! I hope at any rate. This was me trying to begin to simplify what otherwise is rough super sketchy artwork. I used my CharDes skills (Character design for cartoons) to clean him up and color him quickly. I hoped to make him look clean and well designed with a good selection of monochromatic colors. He was the first one that I've done so he obviously has issues. But I've already gone through the process of changing and updating him once more.